Are you
in a white label
Mobile app
photo market?

It’s a huge and unsaturated market!
By average there are
147 photos in Europe, 606 photos in the USA, 234 photos in Africa, 450 photos in Asia, 354 photos taken in South America
by a smartphone user each month.

World premiere
of a mobile app for photo products

Make it under your brand and give it to your customers.
The app allows your customers to order:
Photo prints, Photo books, Wall calendars, Wall canvases
Using photos
From phone
or Instagram
or Facebook

Expand your business with our app:

  • Photo market is a huge and unsaturated - find your place among millions of photos taken each day
  • Supports Android and iOS so you can work with 95% of mobile users
  • It’s an app – so it has a way better usability comparing to mobile www – your customer will love it!
  • It downloaded on your customer smartphone, he will come back with another order. Decrease your customer acquisition cost and increase the lifetime value of a customer.
  • It’s most convenient way to play with photos taken on smartphone, downloaded from Facebook or Instagram
  • Push notification will help you to moderate users and nurture their need to share photos with others.
  • The App is integrated with Key2Print - the fastest growing Web to print software - it’s equipped with print production features and can be integrated with ERP/MIS
  • Connect with print partner if you do not print on your own
  • Find new market to monetize your digital press, photo printer, wide format printer

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